Friday, 16 October 2015

The Way She Laughs (Write 31 Days - Day 15 & A Giveaway!)

October 15's word is "Laugh". Still a day behind - I will catch up! :)

The Way She Laughs

It started with an adjustment at the chiropractor, her first laugh. Deep, from the belly … pure joy. A beautiful sound that brought smiles to everyone who heard. Faces that were grim, turned happy, just from the sound of her very first laugh. She crinkles her nose and snorts. That’s her “I’m going to make you laugh with me” laugh; her “let’s play a game” laugh. It makes me laugh! When I kiss her, she giggles. When I tickle her, her laugh consumes her body. She wriggles and writhes in pleasure at the gentle tickles across her belly and around her neck. Kiss her chin or by her shoulder, pretend to “eat” her and she laughs and tilts her head, trying to push you away but pull you close at the same time.  The way she laughs brings joy. One was lost before her but if that had not been lost, I wouldn’t have her. I wouldn’t hear her giggles. I wouldn’t know the way she laughs. Her laughter blesses.

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