Friday, 2 October 2015

Family (Write 31 Days - Day 2, Five Minute Friday)

Day two of Write 31 Days just happens to also be a Five Minute Friday day! Yay! :) Today's word is "Family". Join us over at 31 Days and at the Five Minute Friday headquarters to read some fabulous blogs or to even join in with the writing challenges yourself!

So, the rules for FMF (and my 31 Days challenge) are to write on a given word for no more than 5 minutes. No overthinking, no rethinking, no editing! :)



What would we do without family? They are part of us. They are our support centre. They are our crazy when we’re bland and our normal when we’re a little nuts. J They keep us balanced. They help us grow. Sharing our faith, we’re held accountable. Family cries with us, laughs with us, shouts with us, will be angry with us and will even knock our head a bit straight when we go off the deep end.  Family hurts, apologizes, loves.

Family is connection. It keeps us real and other-centred. Hard to be self-centred when you have a herd of littles absolutely dependent on you. J My family makes me smile, and cry, and laugh, and be angry and frustrated but mostly feel loved.

My husband – he became my new family when we realized we loved each other. J He is a godly leader who wants so much to do things right! He guides me and our girls so well. He serves his family too! He holds me accountable … and sometimes he just holds me. J I love him!

My first born, my Annalise. SO much like me. Now I understand why people got so frustrated at me (even as it hurt me) growing up. Trying not to pass that hurt on to her. She’s the one that got me into homeschooling because it is in teaching and learning together that we bond! She wants to be helpful, she wants to move and dance and paint and create! And she wants to study and loves things making sense.  She is more sensitive than we realize sometimes but that is a good spirit to cultivate in her! And sass & spunk! Did I mention her spunk & sass!?!

My middle girl, my Emilie. She is a clown on her own and growing into such a delightful girl! Often overshadowed by her older sister and suddenly thrown into the position of middle child with the birth of the younger sister. She’s adapting well. She loves princesses and terrified of anything that breathes but thinks she’d like to have a puppy one day. She is a walking contradiction sometimes. She gives the best cuddles and back rubs and is a feisty and determined young girl. She’s going places!

And Renee, my youngest.  The reborn gift from God. A promise answered. She is precious to me. At 7 months, I don’t know who she will be but she keeps us entertained and reminds us of the simple beauty in this world as she discovers we’ve “always” know, the first time for her! J Like sun and flies. Once she gets walking she’s going to keep us on our toes!

I love to sit and watch my family grow. This bundle of love God has given us. Without family, life would be boring.



  1. Coming to you from write31! Lovely family! I don't know how I'd do with the 5 minute thing, I tend to have to mull, and edit, and even then I don't think my writing is anything spectacular. But I do love to enter craft challenges etc, so figured this was a good way to improve my blogging skills!

    1. Thanks for visiting! :) The 5 minute thing certainly adds to the challenge and some days are better than others (the first day was the hardest)! I kind of like the not being able to edit. My plan is to go back to some of my five minute free writing and build on it in separate blog posts. :) I also love craft challenges! :) Blogging I'm not great at (even though I enjoy writing) so this, being my second year with write 31 days, is, like you, a way to improve my blogging skills. :) I hope you enjoy the challenge!