Journey to Relational Prayer

Join me on my journey to a life-changing prayer: relational prayer following Larry Crabb's The PAPA Prayer.

Larry Crabb starts his book with 3 stories about encounters with someone in which they spoke about prayer. One of them really hit home to me and so I would like to share it here:

"Brennan Manning and I were chatting after we had spoken at a conference together.
    'Where are you heading from here?' I asked.
    'I begin a weeklong prayer retreat by myself in two days.'
    I'd never done that, so I was curious. 'What does a week like that do for you? How does God respond to your praying for a week?'
    Brennan looked a little puzzled, and then said, 'I've never though about what I got out of it. I just figure God likes it when I show up.' " p. xv, The PAPA Prayer, by Larry Crabb ©2006, Integrity Publishers

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