Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Possible (Write 31 Days - Day 6)

Day 6 of Write 31 Days. I'm tired + it's late = not my favourite writing. I don't even know if it makes sense (totally didn't even read back on it as then I'd probably want to edit the whole thing and that's against the rules of the whole free writing thing). :)  Here's my writing on today's word: possible.



What a hope filled word! Possible! It just opens a whole word of doors, right? Just think of all the possibilities that come from getting an education – something even as simple as learning to read! Or in impoverished countries, for example the video that’s currently making it’s way around Facebook – an impoverished young man in Africa, born deaf, unable to communicate. Then in comes another African man who communicates in sign language and teaches the deaf people in the area! Suddenly the possibilities for this young man have increased dramatically! Simply from learning to “speak”! Beautiful!

I like looking for possibilities in little things. Just tonight, after a rather exhausting day, I went thrift store shopping – needing to find things for Halloween costumes and a birthday party. But while I was browsing for those items, I was looking for possibilities – possibilities to use my creativity. I need to use my hands for something creative again! Perhaps a canvas that can be remade into something beautiful? Plenty of possibilities, just not the right one. Then I found a pillowcase. A beautiful vintage pillowcase. And I saw what was possible, it’s potential (to use a synonym). This pillowcase, with a bit of tweaking, will make a beautiful pillowcase dress for a little girl! And really, most people probably pass it by thinking, “what would I want with someone’s old, used pillowcase?” But that’s the beauty of seeing the possible, seeing something that can be but isn’t yet. Anything is possible if you just open your eyes to see!


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