Saturday, 28 July 2012

Ice Cube Painting!

Ice cube painting is one of the more recent ideas I found on Pinterest and, with the crazy heat we've been having, I thought this would be a great way to introduce Annalise to painting. She LOVED it! :)

Here's how it's made: take old ice cube trays and some tempera paints. Fill the tray(s) with the paint and freeze it overnight. Take it outside when you want to use it! :) The heat and body heat from the munchkins will make the paint melt as the kids paint/draw with it. If you want a little more watery paint, you can mix it with water before freezing.

Here Annalise is working on a painting with her cousins. She loved getting messy, loved how cool the paint cubes felt and loved the messy art that resulted from her fun.

Annalise kept painting even after her cousins quit. She needed to be hosed down to get a lot of the paint off before she could rinse off the rest in the wading pool but we got her clean eventually. Trust me, the mess was totally worth it!

When iPhoto starts cooperating with me again, I'll post a picture of the finished project. :)

I like to give credit where credit is due so, this is where I learned about Ice Cube painting after I found it on Pinterest:


I have started a new blog in an attempt to keep a bit on sanity while being a pregnant stay-at-home-mom of a 2 year old! I love Pinterest. In fact, I love it so much, I'd say I'm addicted to it. I pin a lot. And I love looking at other people's pins - whether I repin them or not. I recently decided I need to actually do something with my pinning addiction so I concluded a blog would work. I plan to go through my pins and try some of them out. After I try them (on my own or with my daughter), I will blog about them. Shoot, if I feel creative enough and/or get inspired, I might even blog about something I did that I just thought of, rather than only blogging about things I've learned on pinterest! :) Here's hoping this blog will grant sanity to me and entertainment to you all! :)

On Hold

Soooo ... I haven't written on here for ages. I know. Life gets busy and this is one of those things I forget about. So, this blog will be on hold for a bit. I'm going to be starting a new blog "Confessions of a Pinterest Addict". I decided that instead of just pinning things to my boards, I should actually try some of them out! So I'm going to do just that and then blog about the results! :)  Hopefully people will read it and enjoy it. And, who knows, maybe it will inspire me to come up with my own creative activities that I can also blog about! :) Here's to creativity and blogging!