Confessions of a Pinterest Addict

I've merge my posts from my Confessions of a Pinterest Addict blog into this blog so I decided to create a page to organize the posts in a way that makes more sense. Here you will find experiments with various crafts/creative items - either ideas I gathered from Pinterest or ideas I came up with that I pinned personally to Pinterest. I hope you enjoy the creativity you find here! :)

All posts from Confessions of a Pinterest Addict can be found here or by clicking the links below (they are not all in the links below yet ... please give me time for that).  :)

Owl Taggie Blanket

My Little Pony Hobbie Horses

Menu Board

Jen's Sliders

DIY Maxi Skirts for the Whole Family

Painting Spring

St. Patrick's Day 2014

Emilie's First Time Painting

December Crafts

Delay in Creativity

October - A Month For Giving Thanks

Pillowcase Dress for Emilie

DIY Fawn the Fairy Costume

September Challenge - Pumpkins

September Challenge - Paper

September Challenge - Apron

September Creativity Challenge

Ribbon Head Band Holder

Arts and Crafts Birthday Party

Father's Day 2013

Poetry - Creativity of a Different Sort

Ginger Beef

Homemade Bagels

Giant Ruler Growth Chart

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