Saturday, 7 November 2015

Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis

She looks in the mirror,
“What do I see?
Some stranger’s face
staring back at me.”

Vaguely familiar
yet so very odd,
the mask she wears,
it’s just a fraud.

Trying to be someone
great or someone small
but, with the weight of that,
surprising she can stand at all.

More faces appear
“Be like me”, they insist,
“be like him, be like her”
Will she resist?

She tries to appease them,
her failure is great.
They get what they want,
but what they want, they hate.

She cries and she shouts,
“Just let me be me!”
One by one, they fade,
‘til just her face she can see.

This one is simply perfect
(though, of course, it is flawed)
this one she can love,
it was a gift from God.

Some days she still battles,
those faces and clamour,
but peace and relief surge
if she holds true to her demeanour.

Because in the end,
what matters is being true
to the character God made,
the incredible, unique you!