Monday, 5 October 2015

Home (Write 31 Days - Day 5)

Day 5 of Write 31 Days. It's a little bit late today - busy day. But it is here! :) Five minutes of free writing.  Today's word is home.



Home. What a warm and inviting word! A place where love grows (and multiplies ;) ). A place of hope, comfort, security, joy. If you’d hear someone describe a place as one of “hope, comfort, security, joy” you’d expect to find a place that’s calm, neat, orderly. Right? Not my home. :) It abounds in joy, so my joyful children leave their play things all over the place (certainly not tidy!). It abounds in hope, so we have a lot of inspiring things to look at and read, and words of hope to give each other when we’re sad or frightened. It abounds in comfort, so there a lots of hugs and kisses and warm, cozy blankets. It abounds in security, so we have locks on the doors and our own burglar defence system: My Little Ponies left in front of the doors and at the bottom of stairs! lol Seriously though, how do you really identify the things that represent abstract ideas/feelings that you know are there in the home but so difficult to pin down?  Our home is full (but always has room for more). The voices of 3 children echo through the halls. Echoes of laughter, anger, music, joy. Home is a place of love, a place I love.

I used to feel like home was where I moved from when I was a little girl (Southern Alberta) and part of me still really feels at home there. Then home was a more central part of Alberta (Edmonton area). I enjoyed my life there (most of the time).  Then home became Chilliwack, BC. I had put down good roots there but those were somewhat destroyed and I moved again. This time to Winnipeg, MB. I never thought this would be home. I just thought it would be a place to live until I found a better home. But I put down good, strong roots here (even though I didn’t expect it). A job that was so fulfilling, and then meeting my husband. :) And then we had kids – 3 beautiful girls! And these roots? Well, these are here to stay. Home.


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