Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Government is Temporary (Write 31 Days, Day 20 ... & a Giveaway)


We in Canada have just come through another federal election. Most Christians were, rightfully, concerned at the prospect of a Liberal or NDP government. Unfortunately the results that came in last night showed that the majority of our fellow Canadians thought otherwise and the Liberal party now has a majority government in our great land.  It’s rather frightening to think that this party will be leading our nation and making decisions that affect ALL of us. I’ve been thinking about what to say about this and today’s word was perfect. Temporary. This government is temporary. This whole world is temporary! The Liberals will be in power for the next 4 years. We do not know what will happen after that, though we can pray for the best. But beyond that 4 years, their power is temporary. Even within the 4 years. God holds all things in His hands. Nothing happens apart from His plans. We are still called, commanded, to honour this government, to obey as far as we can (in accordance with God’s will). We can live in fear. Or we can live in trust. Trust that God is in control and even this will come to an end. We need to remember that God only does what is good for His church. And for that reason, we can trust that this government is good for the church. Yes, it may bring varying forms of persecution on the Christian church in Canada, but it will be for our good – it will GROW the church! It will only make the body of Christ stronger!

And rather than living in fear for these next 4 years (talk about STRESS!!), why don’t we pray for our government? I don’t mean pray that they do what’s right or pray that they make wise and godly decisions, though that is also a good prayer. But how can we expect them to make wise and godly decisions and to do what’s right if they aren’t save?! My husband does a good job of reminding me of this! :) So, for the next 4 years, let’s pray for the salvation of our leaders! Pray that they turn from their wicked ways and seek Christ! 4 years is temporary, salvation is for eternity.

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