Monday, 31 July 2017

The Road to Paradise - A Review

~"You walked up that mountain a strong man and returned a Christian!"~ (p. 254)

This novel tells a story of two people in search for peace. It is set in Mt. Ranier National Park in the mid-1920s. We encounter two main characters, Margie (Margaret) and Ford, who struggle to find peace and faith, each in their own way, while fighting to protect God's great creation in this national park. As their lives intertwine, we meet a sinister Philip, a motherly Mrs. Brown, and a few other supporting characters, all of whom help them, knowingly or not, on their journey.

From the start, I knew this was primarily a Christian romance - definitely not my favourite genre. And yet, I found myself captivated, drawn to the story. Karen skillfully weaved in a story of struggling against people with dark purposes, struggling to reclaim a faith that was lost, struggling to find one's true identity, into a story of a realistic romance! Often, when I was away from the book, I found myself wondering what Ford and Margie were up to!

I have never been to Mt. Ranier but the author's descriptions painted such a perfect picture, I felt I was right there with the characters, like I could smell the mountain, feel the cool breezes, see and touch the same plants, walk the same trails! I also loved how little details of the characters' pasts weaved themselves so naturally into the story!

I thought I wouldn't enjoy the romance aspect of the novel but it really worked! It wasn't over-the-top and the romance was just a natural part of life, like any other struggle in the lives of the characters! This raises Ms. Barnett far above all other Christian romance authors I have read!

Yes, this is one of those Christian romances BUT the historical details, information about nature, and the sense of humour the author brings, mixed with alluring hints of hurt, danger, and darkness, make it a thoroughly enjoyable read!

I received this book, in ebook format, from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

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