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I love to read. I know. Totally shocking. Who would have thought a person who has as many books as me (even after purging several times) likes to read?! But I do. I really do! I also like to share books I love. So I've decided to start writing book reviews. Writing book reviews allows me to share books I love more easily (or at least share why I love them) but also allows me to speak regarding books I'm not so fond of. Writing book reviews also gives me writing practice when writer's block rears its ugly head. Win win!! Here you will find links to the various book reviews that have been and will be popping up on my blog! Enjoy! Let me know what you think of the books if you choose to read them. If you've already read them, let me know where you agree or disagree with my reviews! Let's have a conversation!

Absent in the Spring (Fiction, Tragedy)

The PAPA Prayer  (This book I've been writing about chapter by chapter so this link takes you to the main page where you will be able to find the individual chapter reviews. It is not yet complete, mostly because I'm afraid about how it might change me ... for the better. But I will finish it!)

The Road to Paradise (Historical Christian Romance)

The Way of Hope (Non-Fiction: Personal Growth/Sexuality

Hope for the Prodigal (Non-Fiction)

She Is Free (Non-Fiction: Personal Growth)
God's Best-Kept Secret (Non-Fiction: Christian Living/Spiritual Growth)

Mrs. Oswald Chambers (Non-Fiction: Biography)

Let's Get Ready for Bed (Children's)

Sequin Sparkle & Change Bible: Rainbow (Bibles)

Called to Create (Non-Fiction)

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