Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Beans and my Mom

I snip the ends off the beans, getting them ready for blanching and freezing and my mind is drawn outside and I see my mom and I sitting in the backyard (looks like our Barrhead house) at the table chatting while I snip the ends off beans from my parents garden. :) Snipping beans makes me think of my mom.

And a conversation starts in my mind between my mom and I.

Mom: Jen, don’t forget to snap them in half!
Me: I know, Mom. (with a smile)
Mom: Not to big, eh? But not so small either! Or they won’t cook evenly!
Me: I know, Mom! Don’t worry, I’ve got this! (Thinking “not that it matters what size they are as you always cooked the snot out of them anyway “ :) )
And she smiles at me across the table as she watches.
Mom: Some of those beans should have stayed on the plants a bit longer.
Me: Yes, I know but it wasn’t me who picked them. And, you know, chores done “incorrectly” still bless the home. I’m learning to accept that. :)
Mom: Those sure are nice beans though! They’ll be nice in the winter!
Me: They sure will, Mom!

And even though she doesn’t say it, I think behind her smile and her words are “you’re going good for your family, Jen. I’m proud of you.”

I sure miss my Mom! But I love memories that turn into conversations that never happened (but could have happened because I know that’s exactly what my mom would have said if she had seen me snipping those beans today) that leave me with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes.