Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Patience (Write 31 Days - Day 13)

Still a day behind, but I'll catch up! :)


Patience. A virtue, one we usually associate with how we act towards other people. But is that all patience concerns? An artist paints a picture. That requires patience. A painting rushed misses the heart that goes into it and ends up drab, boring, ugly. A musician composing a masterpiece. Patience! The melodies and harmonies need to be just right to give the perfect sound, to convey the emotion of the composer, the story she wants to tell. A writer, needs patience to find the words to give the message he needs to present. Five minutes of free writing? That takes a different kind of patience. Being willing to acknowledge that the words won’t be exactly as you would have planned. They won’t be “perfect”. Patience with your own weaknesses, your own faults. Get the words out – that’s all that matters. And then more patience later so that the words can be refined.

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