Friday, 23 October 2015

Value (Write 31 Days, Day 22)

A little bit behind and feeling rush. As a result, this is far from my best work and it's frustrating me. But it's done. Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it. Tomorrow can bring better writing.


Whatever you value is what you worship. If you value riches and financial security, the tendency is to worship money (value money beyond it’s worth). If you value appearance, you’re going to do everything possible to make yourself look good, beyond what is beneficial. You worship self.  When we value these things beyond their worth, beyond what is beneficial, beyond what is useful, we are left unsatisfied. We constantly look for something to fill a void in our lives. Being unsatisfied in life is hard! I’ve seen a life where value is placed on the wrong things to be one filled with stress, anger, hurt, sometimes even hatred. But a life where what we value most is Christ and His kingdom? That’s a life of joy! Not an easy life by any means, but a joy filled life, a content life, a good life.

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