Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Purple Caterpillar (Write 31 Days - Day 8)

So I've been drawing a blank all day thinking about our word for today: purple. What on earth could I write? All that was running through my head was the pome "The Purple Cow" by Gelett Burgess and his later response to his own poem. So, this evening my 5 year old, Annalise, and I were driving around to do some shopping and I asked her what she thought of purple. And she told me she loves purple because purple is the colour of the sunset and when the sun shines on the purple you see a rainbow of purples in the sunset and it's beautiful. She went on to say that if you get to see the purple sunset in the mountains, it makes the mountains look purple and that's also very beautiful. Then she said, "what about a purple caterpillar?!" And that kind of stuck (but the purple sunset too), so this one is for her (and I even quickly scribbled out a picture to go with it for her)! :)  One of my quickest written poems (5 minutes) and most enjoyable to write. :) Annalise is in bed now so I will have to show her the poem and picture in the morning when she wakes. But I think she'll like them both. :)

The Purple Caterpillar

Purple, fuzzy caterpillar,
prancing through the grass
Stops to sniff a dandelion
            with just a touch of sass.

She whistles to the lady bird
            sings low with the beetle
laughs along with Dragon fly
            and giggles with the weevil.

As the evening sun hangs low
            she hums a quiet tune,
gazing at the purple sky,
            as she slips in her cocoon.

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