Friday, 30 October 2015

Hope (Write 31 Days, Day 28)

The word for this day is hope. And I've been really struggling with this one, trying to find the right words, or any words. I wanted my writing to be hope filled. But it just won't come. Instead, I stumbled across this poem I wrote some time ago where hope had seemed to disappeared. Thought I would share it here for this day of Write 31 Days.

I hear the silence and I despair
Where are the words that once came so freely?
Where is the peace that poured out of desperation?
Is there no need? Have I found a new source?
Where is the relief? The tears? The laughter?
When will I speak again?
I am muted by overload of thoughts.
Mouth opens, no sound can be heard.
Stutter, pen can’t move.
Where is the hope? The joy? The peace?
Why won’t it pour out of me?

When will the silence end?

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