Thursday, 1 October 2015

Calling (Write 31 Days - Day 1)

Yay it's October 1st! That means it's time for my first post for #write31days! Instead of coming up with an ambitious topic of my own, I decided to join with the 5 Minute Free Writes this month. That is quite the challenge already! Really, SO much to say and only 5 minutes to say it in? So my mind is a bit in an uproar today and organizing thoughts has become more difficult so I'm not super impressed with today's writing. I ended up doing a mix of poetry and prose. I guess because I wanted to touch on different ideas of this word "calling". So I apologize for the not great writing and I celebrate the fact that I actually wrote. :)


an echo in your soul
… a word forgotten?
His word,
            your task … your calling.
Answer, fulfill,
            Make it sure.
Spirit’s assurance within
Live it out.
Evidence assures,
            confirms outward.
            Move towards it
Hear the resounding Word
            It echoes no longer
                        It lives in you.
Calling. Answer. Be His.


He is calling you home. It hurts, being torn from this life. A life of suffering and even death is suffering. But you are being ripped from the world you were born in, in order to be reborn in the world you were made for.

A glorious calling! How can we answer that call? Are we in control of that answer? To answer would be suicide but that's not an option. What then? When we hear that call, what do we do? We let go. Let go of everything that holds us here. Again, suicide? No. But, where are our priorities? Is our focus on this world, on things around us, on ourselves, on our friends and family? Or is our focus on God and living for Him, living to glorify Him in all things we do? If our focus is on God, we’ve already answered that call. Then, even if being torn from this life is painful physically, it will be more glorious then ever. We know we are going home for eternity. 


Then, this word also brought to mind a poem I wrote almost 15 years ago:

The Piper
Shots ring out
       blood pours out                        floods the plain
   A man falls
      Run! Run far away!
                                              But where?
                                                   We cannot run!
   For through it all the Piper calls
                         And we must follow.

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