Saturday, 31 October 2015

Almost (Write 31 Days, Day 31)

This is it! I made it! This is the last day of Write 31 Days 2015! What a great month it has been! I'm so proud of myself, and all the other writers who stuck with it to the end and accomplished their goals! :)

Today's word is "almost".


Almost is a word that, I think, often has negative connotations. Like “almost isn’t good enough”. You know? But I like to look at it more positively. I almost didn’t sign up for this Write 31 Days challenge … but I did! I almost didn’t complete this challenge … but I did (this last post is proof)! I almost didn’t stick with my new workout routines … but I’m going strong (with adaptations when my body is uncooperative). I almost slept in … but I kicked my butt out of bed and did what had to be done. I almost gave up on watching what I eat … but I didn’t. I’m still focussing on healthy eating.

And what about other things: you can almost ruin a friendship if you don’t bite your tongue, but, checking your words and actions, you build a friendship instead. You can almost make poor choices, but wisdom can keep you from folly.

And sometimes we need help: The young girl suffering from severe depression – she might almost commit suicide but a person who comes along side her at the right time can prevent tragedy and provide hope.

Sometimes almost is the best thing for turning lives around!

So maybe almost is “good enough”.

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