Monday, 6 October 2014

{Day 6} No Bread Today!

It has been one of those days people - I've barely been home. I had intentions of making a quick bread (yeast free) tonight but I also have to do groceries for the week and we're currently preparing supper. A bit too crazy! So I'm not baking today. And, hey, it's my blog so I can do what I want with it! :)

I decided today that I'm going to write about some favourite breads of mine.

I generally like most breads but I for sure have some favourites.

Raisin bread or, better yet, raisin buns are one of my all time favourites and hold warm memories of my childhood. (FYI, years ago, not sure if it's still the case, Coaldale Bakery in Coaldale, AB had THE BEST raisin buns ever! :) ) Nothing like raisin buns or bread with butter spread on top and white sugar sprinkled on top of that! :D

Pita bread is something I grew to like as I became an adult. It's only in the last few years that I decided to try making them myself. I make them by hand (in a bamboo mixing bowl with a wooden spoon) and it is so rewarding! I heard that using metal utensils to make bread just doesn't do it right and I would have to agree - if you can use a wooden spoon or your bare hands, you're going to have a nicer dough! :) The pitas are amazing, how the rise in the oven in the few minutes they bake, how moist they are compared to what you get at the stores ... they're just fabulous! Fry up a bit of chicken and stuff that along with Ranch dressing, cheddar cheese and sliced cucumbers and you have a delicious lunch! :)

Biscuits (or scones) are another favourite in our house. They are great for breakfast, warm with butter and jam or, they are a great side with a hearty stew for supper (especially cheese biscuits/scones)! :) (And yes, I'm lumping biscuits and scones into the same category.) :)

Now, my ultimate favourite which tends to be available just at the holiday time (Christmas usually) for us Dutch people. Oh! Did I mention I'm Dutch, even though I have a Scottish last name? I'm first generation Canadian (both parents immigrated from The Netherlands) but married a Canadian of Scottish & French descent. :) Fun cultures here! :) So this amazing Dutch holiday bread? Stollen!! This is a bread that is filled with dried fruits, raisins, currents, etc and, right down the middle, is a lovely filling of almond paste! Let's just say, this is AMAZING!!! I was thrilled to see that our local Dutch bakery already has some in stock. This bread is great for breakfast or for coffee time with butter (HAS to be butter) spread liberally on top! :)

There you have it! Some of my favourite breads of all time! I hope you enjoyed this post and this little break from my bread baking adventures. I hope to continue with the baking tomorrow! :)

Until then ...

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