Friday, 10 October 2014

{Day 10} Slow Cooker Pumpkin Bread

Perfect for this Thanksgiving season! :) Beauty in the kitchen! :)

This is a recipe I found on Six Sisters Stuff and was rather intrigued by it. I LOVE pumpkin anything! :) I was glad that this 31 Day challenge offered me an opportunity to try this recipe out. (Find the recipe by clicking on "Six Sisters Stuff" above.) Let me just start by saying, if the recipe looks small for your huge slow cooker, IT'S NOT!! :D I've learned this by experience! :) We have LOTS AND LOTS of pumpkin bread to eat now. The good things is that everyone in my family seems to really enjoy it so I don't think we'll have a problem eating it up! :) Also, it's Thanksgiving (Canadian) weekend and so we'll take it out to my in-laws tomorrow for our Thanksgiving dinner there and I'm sure it will be consumed quickly! :) The recipe ends with a recommendation of "honey butter, butter or honey". I spread honey on our slices and WOW that is phenomenal!! Highly recommend that if you decide to make this bread as well! DH says he wouldn't call this a bread as much as a cake or loaf. I'd agree with the loaf description (though not really a cake). My girls call it cake because I called it dessert when I served it to them after supper this evening. :)

I should also add that, as is mentioned in the original recipe, the sides (and bottom) get a little over-cooked in order for the main part of the bread to be cooked. So, I suggest just trimming those parts off. Alternatively, I think that next time, I'm going to do one recipe (NOT double it) and put it in a loaf pan, then put some water in the bottom of the crockpot (just a slight amount at the very bottom of the pot) and put the loaf pan in there to cook. I've seen other recipes with these instructions and it seems to make sense. :)

I apologize here for the short post (and late post). It was a busy day and I was dealing with a sick toddler (including a visit to the doctor). Everything seems to be ok now though with her so that is good! I've also had to get started on tomorrow's bread! :) So, short post, but SO delicious. Seriously, tomorrow when you wake up, go buy the ingredients you need and make this bread! It is so so so delicious! :)

Top view - isn't that a beauty?! :)

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