Friday, 17 October 2014

{Day 16} An Interview about Bread Memories with Darran :)

(Disclaimer: Life happens. I got behind on this challenge. So you're going to see hopefully 4 blog posts today while I attempt to catch up. :) )

Darran (my husband) has told me on a few occasions about memories he has of his mom making homemade bread. Perhaps this is one of my motivations to make more homemade bread. :) So I thought I'd "interview" him to find out more about his memories of bread. :)

Here goes:

Me: When do you remember first having homemade bread?

Darran: When I was about 2.5 or 3.

Me: Was it made by your mom or someone else?

Darran: Probably made by Mémère when Daniel was born and she came to help. I got to help make it.

Me: What was it like?

Darran: It was nice and soft and warm.

Me: When did your mom first start making bread for your family? Why?

Darran: Probably around that same time but not regularly until we were teenagers (when she had more time). She made bread because we were eating her out of house and home - it was cheaper, we liked it and she liked to do it. And we ate a lot of bread so it made sense to make a whole bunch at a time.

Me: What's your best memory of your mom making bread?

Darran: Coming home, opening the door and being hit by the smell of fresh bread and cinnamon buns. We'd get home from school, eat half a loaf of bread and a bunch of cinnamon buns and then we wouldn't be hungry for supper. :) And in the summer you could smell the bread down the street.

Me: Did she make a variety of types of bread or just one type?

Darran: She made white and whole wheat bread and cinnamon buns

Me: What was your favourite type of bread growing up?

Darran: white bread and cinnamon buns

Me: How did your mom making homemade bread influence you?

Darran: It helped me appreciate homemade food, home cooking. Made me appreciate the effort she went through to make it for us.

Me: Did it make you want to do more (baking, etc) in the kitchen?

Darran: Yes, you could say that.

Me: Anything else you remember?

Darran: No, just really liking the smell, the texture and the taste.

Thanks Darran for helping me with this post! :D You're the best! :)

My dear husband, Darran! :) I don't have a picture of him eating bread (that would be more relevant right?) and he wouldn't let me quickly take one so, here's the most recent one I have of him ... with our youngest daughter. :)

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