Saturday, 11 October 2014

{Day 11} Overnight Cinnamon Buns

Pure deliciousness!!! Just looking at this photo makes my mouth water! :)

Hi there! Welcome to another post in my 31 Days of Bread series! :) This time I'm sharing with you Overnight Cinnamon Buns! This follows the same recipe as the Overnight Breakfast Buns I made earlier (posted here). Then, after the last rising, instead of forming into egg shapes/buns, you divide the dough into 3 portions, roll out each portion into a rectangle, spread softened butter or margarine on top, sprinkle liberally with brown sugar and then cinnamon. The cookbook had instructions on how much of each but, honestly, I just prefer to wing it at this point. I know how much my family and I like! ;) Then you roll up the dough, cut it into 12 pieces and place on a greased baking sheet. Do the same with the other 2 portions of dough. Cover these buns with a towel and let stand overnight. In the morning, follow the baking instructions in the Overnight Breakfast Buns recipe.

These ended up being really nice, soft, tasty cinnamon buns! I have another cinnamon bun recipe that I will sometimes make that involves lots and lots of sugar and topping everything with a carton of whipping cream (un-whipped) prior to baking. Those are rich and fabulous for a dessert but these buns are great for a nice breakfast/brunch and are not too rich, rather are quite light with just the right amount of flavour! :)  We enjoyed them for a light breakfast before heading out to my in-laws to celebrate Thanksgiving today! :) And we brought most of the leftovers along with us to be enjoyed there. I'm pretty positive my in-laws rather enjoyed them! :)

This is just after rolling out the dough, adding the delicious filling and rolling up and slicing! :)

My awesome husband was the one to wake up with the girls this morning and he remembered to take a photo for me before putting these risen lovelies in the oven! :)

The girls are super eager to eat these!! :)

Fresh from the oven! :)

Yum, Yum! :D

Stuffing her face with deliciousness! lol

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