Friday, 3 October 2014

Five Minute Friday: New

In the midst of all this newness of the 31 Day challenge, we still get our Five Minute Friday writing prompts from Kate. Yay! :) Today our word is "new".

For those unfamiliar with this, this is where we are given a one-word writing prompt and we write for 5 minutes, no editing, no rethinking, no overthinking ... just write! :) I rather enjoy the exercise most weeks! :)


Perfect for the beginning of a new month – everything is so new! The weather has changed, letting us know it really is Autumn now … and oh what a beautiful season it is! Do you know that every Autumn is a new Autumn? This one is nothing like last year’s – colours change differently, leaves fall at different times, … there’s similarities, of course, but it’s still all so new! And then I get to see it through the eyes of my 4yo and 2yo and I see the newness that much more!

We started our new Thanksgiving tree … and I get to see how my 4yo has matured since last year. She has deeper, wiser thoughts of things to be thankful for – this is new … and beautiful. :) And her words teach and encourage her little sister … that’s new too! This idea that I’m no longer my child’s primary teacher. I was for the first born – the only example available to her most of the time during the day … but for the second? It’s not just me, it’s her big sister too! What responsibility for a big sister … and for a mommy!

And then there’s this new life that’s kicking and squirming and tickling (yes, tickling) inside of me… absolutely beautiful!

“New” is so often something to be afraid of: “I don’t want to try new things! I’m content with what I already have and do! I'm afraid of the change!” But new is beautiful! When we shut ourselves off to new, we shut ourselves off to beauty!

Embrace the new, grow in the new!


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