Saturday, 3 May 2014

Poetry with Memories

Last week the Five-Minute Friday word was "friend". After I had written that post I managed to find my old poetry notebook and was typing out my poetry onto the computer. There were a couple of poems totally relevant to that Five-Minute Friday and I was tempted to post them on the blog at the same time but life got away from me and it didn't happen. :) So, today I will post them! lol

My … Friend?
(Written in February 1998)

Who are you?
I know your name
but …
who are you?
I know what type of student you are
but …
who are you?
You call yourself a Christian
but …
who are you?
We hang around together
but …
who are you?
Just a person?
Someone I talk with more than others?
I need to know.

Who are you?

This one was written about someone who was supposed to be a good friend but she was starting to be rather offensive and almost cruel. It was like I didn't even know who she was anymore and it hurt. I guess it also showed a realization that not everyone you spend time with is a friend - they could simply be an acquaintance. Most of the time people define acquaintance as a person you don't spend a lot of time with and, thus, can't build a relationship. But I believe that an acquaintance can also be someone you do spend a lot of time with if that person doesn't allow the relationship to deepen beyond a surface relationship.

This next poem is special to my heart as it was written for a sister of mine. And it came to mind again this past week (even before I found it back) as this sister is going to be celebrating her 40th birthday in a couple of weeks! This one's still for you Al - even though it isn't as accurate anymore since we no longer live miles (provinces) away. But you are still a very special sister to me!

My Sister and My Friend
(written in May 1998 for my sister Alison … for her birthday)

The bond we have as sisters,
a bond that will never end,
has grown and made us friends.

Though life may keep us far apart
there’ll always be a place in my heart
inhabited by you.

In you I always can confide
(when fears are constantly at my side)
unhindered by the miles.

You are the person everyone wants,
one who listens, one who sees,
and understands their needs.

To you who lives so far away
consider my attempt to say
my love for you will never sway
for you are
my sister and my friend.

Not a bad couple of poems written by a then 18 year old if I do say so myself! :)


  1. Two really good poems. And what I know about your sister, I know you are blessed!