Thursday, 3 April 2014

Love Idol - Author Interview and Book giveaway - linked up here

So a blog I'm subscribed to (Being Confident in This) is part of a group that is currently blogging/sharing life stories about breaking free from insecurity, comparison and shame - something I think pretty much all women struggle with. Her blog linked to an interview with Jennifer Lee who wrote a book called Love Idol. This book deals with how we so often seek the approval of others but we need to let that go and simply seek the approval of God. God already loves us! We just need to embrace that. His love is so much more important and valuable than any love we might receive from people (and His is never ended whereas love from people is often very fickle). So Leah, the person who interviewed Jennifer Lee has a book give away on her blog post - a chance for one person to win the book Love Idol! Head on over here ( to enter to win yourself a copy. If you don't win, order it from Amazon or Chapters! :) I know that's what I plan to do! :)

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