Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Quiet Times With God

That's what we call my morning time so the girls understand: it's Mommy's quiet time with God. We talk about it often enough and model it (not as often as I should) so the eldest (Annalise, 3.5) asks if she can have her own quiet time with God. Since she's not yet reading, this doesn't always work well if she wants it at the same time as me. :) Most times the 2 girls just colour together while I have my quiet time. I do this most mornings and what a difference it makes in my days! I sure do miss it when I don't do it. Currently I'm working though a few things. I'm reading Don't Waste Your Life and working through the accompanying study guide in preparation for each Thursday morning Coffee Break at church. I also choose a devotional to read. Currently that is the book The Furious Longing of God by Brennan Manning (fabulous author)! Though the book I choose isn't always labelled as a devotional, I treat it as such as it is something that turns my mind and heart to God. I also am following a Bible reading plan taking me through the Bible. The one I currently follow does not have me reading every chapter but key chapters in each Bible book. It's a good overview plan. :) Finally I end with my journal. In here I write my thoughts that I've had from my reading or just things I've thought about throughout the morning or previous day or things that my kids said/did that prompted some interesting thought or lesson in my life. I also use it as a prayer/thankfulness journal. I find that practice especially useful, beneficial and enjoyable. It is so good to start the day with God! It is water to a thirsty soul. It gives encouragement and comfort on days that start a little blue. It gives peace in times of anxiety. It gives joy each and every time! :) Perhaps someday I should start blogging about my journal entries. I'd have to flesh them out a bit but that would be a good practice to do! :) I'm eager to see what Annalise will do with her quiet time once she can read! :)

My Current Quiet Time Supplies. :) (Coffee is always essential). :)

The girls keeping busy with their own quiet time. :)

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