Saturday, 25 August 2012

Modern Art Toddler Style

So, this past week my little girl has been dealing with Hand Foot Mouth Disease and it has been a bit of a challenge finding activities at home that would keep her distracted and happy. Thankfully I remembered we have paint. And then I remembered some of the painting activities I saw on Pinterest. I decided we should try a bit of modern art. So, the supplies you need are paper, paints, containers to hold paint (like lids of plastic containers or plates or something similar), clean empty jars (mason jars, pasta sauce jars, etc.) I only had one empty jar so we also used clean, empty pop cans. :)

So basically you just pour some paint into the lids and then, turning the jars/cans upside down, dip them in the paint and then stamp them on the paper. Oh, if you're wondering, those are those lovely vinyl outdoor table clothes that are under the table to protect the rug and floor. :)

Annalise gets very intensely involved in activities like this and it's very hard to pull her attention away from it. :) This might be a good thing, and it might prove yet to be a not so good thing. :)

This is mine (but I forgot to flip the picture so you're getting the wrong view). :)

Very intensely stamping the can ... you can see she added her own touch to it too by adding a bit of finger painting.  :) Whatever works! :)

This is a finished product. She made about 4 of them! :)

It was a very fun time, painting with my daughter. Of course, I forgot about the clean-up involved and the scrubbing of paint of her hands which, when you have Hand Foot Mouth, does NOT feel good!

This is the original blog that was linked to Pinterest:

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