Saturday, 25 August 2012

Hair Clip Organizer

Today I finally made a hair clip organizer for my daughter! I don't think I got this idea from Pinterest (though I'm sure it's been posted there somewhere too) but I do remember seeing things like this at various trade shows I've attended and I believe also from a couple people on Facebook.

Basically, you need a couple shapes that your child would like (I chose a lion and giraffe for Annalise as she loves those kinds of animals, especially lions, and it fits the theme of her room), then a coordinating colour of ribbon and of course some super strong glue to attach them to each other (I used Modge Podge). You also need a picture hook or nail to hang it on the wall.

So, measure out however much ribbon you want/need based on how many hair clips you have to store. Then make a loop and glue it down so it stays as a loop. Then glue your first shape (you should also use the child's initials) at the spot where the loop was glued down. Then glue your second shape at the bottom of the ribbon. When it's all dry, it might be good to add an extra layer of Modge Podge to seal it and make sure it will stick. Then you nail your hook into the wall and attach the hair clips and you're done! :)

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