Saturday, 12 November 2011

I wonder why...

I wonder why women are so cruel to each other. We spend our growing up years fighting the cliques, trying to fit in, bemoaning the fact that girls are so mean to each other by leaving each other out and by criticizing the things in others that we feel insecure about in ourselves. We hate it when others do this to us but it doesn't stop us from doing it to them. And we vow that we will be different. We strive for that as we get older ... and what do we find? We leave childhood and find that women are the exact same as adults as they were when they were kids. They still leave each other out. They still form cliques that only a certain type (whether judged by look, work choice, or family connections) are allowed to join, They still criticize ridiculously. They cause SO much hurt to each other and then wonder why they themselves hurt so much. Get it through your heads fellow women!!! We are our own worst enemies but we can also be our own best supporters! You don't need to be best friends with every single woman, but do you HAVE to be rude and cruel to the ones that aren't?!?!

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