Tuesday, 16 September 2014

FMF - Ready

Today brings a new instalment of Five Minute Friday ... er, Tuesday? Yup, I'm about a half a week late this time around. I think my post will explain. The word today is READY.


My first born was sick a lot - colds, croup, food sensitivities, food allergies, ear infections, bladder infections. I thought I'd experienced enough to make me ready for anything! I thought, "Wow! We've been through so much with this first born, any kid that follows is going to be a breeze!" Ready for anything? What a joke! OK, so my second born was a little bit of a breeze - sleeping 8 hours through the night by 3 weeks old (AWESOME!), being very content on her own, not needing a lot, easy to feed, easy to introduce new foods to ... everything went well. Then, when she was about a year and a half, she got sick. I'm telling you, when this kid gets sick with something, she gets REALLY sick! Scarlett Fever was what we got to deal with this past Spring (she was a year and a half)! Really? Scarlett Fever?! That still happens?? I was NOT ready for that! I've never seen such a sick, lethargic kid! Take her to the doctor, get her on antibiotics and you think it's all going to be good, right? Wrong! She developed an allergic reaction to her antibiotics ... and it was only the first time she was on them! I was NOT  ready for that! Back to the doctor, new meds, now everything was good. The months that followed were pretty good, pretty normal. Put me at ease and off my guard. Then the runs started. I'm SO glad she wasn't ready for potty training yet (nor was I) because that would not have been pretty! But the runs lasted for 3 weeks (and are still going every so often)!! And that led to a UTI. I'd death with these for our oldest and I figured it would be easy to deal with - nothing new right? WRONG! Symptoms worsening rather rapidly, take her to the doctor, get a urine sample, and she starts vomitting! What?! Need to wait the weekend for the culture to come back and get antibiotics but her fever starts to spike and we spend Saturday evening in ER! I was NOT ready for this! The staff in the ER was awesome, took great care of us, and lots of prayers (especially following a conversation with a gentleman who had been waiting with his wife much longer than we had been there and still hadn't seen a doctor) brought quick care! Needless to say, we got the meds she needed, and after a weekend (Sunday and Monday) of fighting to get her to take them, we had success and she's on the mend. Then, I ended up with a nasty sinus cold (NOT fun during pregnancy) and messed up my back!! So, ready for anything? I don't think so! But this has taught me, while I can't presume to be ready for anything and everything, I can have confidence that God will carry us through whatever comes our way.


Join me, Kate, and many other women over at Kate's site everywhere for Five Minute Friday! :)

This week she has also issued a writing challenge for the month of October! Writing on one topic everyday! We don't need to BLOG everyday of October but we do need to write! :) I think I will take up the challenge and, following my theme word of the year, I think my writing will be 31 Days of Prayer! :) Will you join us for this 31 day writing challenge? :)

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