Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Bunn's Creek Trail

Today the girls and I went on another nature walk and, even though the weather didn't end up being what we expected, it was a gorgeous day for a walk! This time we took my sister and her youngest daughter along. :) A highlight of this walk is that there is a playground at the end of it so the girls were quite excited about that! We chose to walk today on the Bunn's Creek Trail. We did purposefully did not do the entire trail. My sister lives close to the trail and the walk from her places kind of forces us to start part-way through the trail. This is fine as it makes the trail more manageable for the little ones. We started up on Rothesay and ended up at McIvor Park. :)  The creek was much higher than I've seen it in the past in autumn ... but I haven't been there for a few years so things may have changed in the mean time. It was nice to see it flowing so freely, not so nice to see some of the trash people left around it. Let's take care of our trails, people!!  With the autumn season being upon us, we were able to see so many varieties in colours on the trees and it was fabulous! The kids were thrilled to experience all the beautiful nature! Before we left our own home, I pulled out a bag for my oldest daughter and gave her instructions to find samples of nature. She LOVED doing this and had very willing help from her cousin! :)  It was wonderful to see the girls running along the trail finding beautiful treasures of nature. I, personally, enjoyed seeing the wildflowers, the old trees (some fallen across the creek), and mysterious looking side trails that, really, only look mysterious because of the colours and light. :)

Of course, pictures are necessary:

The start of the trail (or at least our start of the trail). :)
These are not wildflowers - planted but still pretty!

Look at those colours! Greens, yellows, reds!
Old trees fallen over or evidence of beavers?

The beavers were here!


I took this photo because it had some strange white mouldy stuff growing on it and that seemed odd. :)
Walking so sweetly down the path!

Beauty everywhere!

Wildflowers! Annalise thanked God for these today! 
Again, such beautiful colours!

Stopping to smell the flowers. :)


Loved this view - the colours and reflections!
I will have to draw these at some point! :)

The glee with which they run! :)
Silly antics at the top of the hill! :)

Continuing their exploration run! :)



This sign made me laugh - considering the green grass around it. :)

Oak Tree!

What amazing nuts, really!

Emilie enjoyed the slides!



Emilie's Nature Collage
A collection of nature samples

Annalise's Nature Collage

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