Friday, 16 May 2014

Five Minute Friday: Light

Today the Five Minute Friday post and link-up was missing from Lisa-Jo's blog. It left a few of us feeling a bit lost, like something about our day was missing. I mentioned it to my husband and he, knowing how important this part of my day is, gave me a word. I mentioned that on Lisa-Jo's Facebook page and another blogger decided to get her husband to give her a word. So, a few of us are doing our Five Minute Friday, even though it's unprompted from Lisa-Jo, simply because we need it. Of course, this week that means everyone is writing about a different word.

The word my husband gave me today is "Light" ... and this was a week where the words poured out, a mixture of prose and poetry - the words I needed to say...



“The light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it.” John 1:5

Light. When my heart feels so dark, when my heart is breaking, the light shines. It shines in my husband’s hugs and kisses and words, it shines in my daughter’s faces and “good mornings”.

On Monday, I felt light. It was joy. :) It was beautiful. But now that light is being hidden by a fog. It tries to peak through. I have hope that it will still shine. But the darkness is threatening to take over.  … It takes over and my heart breaks.

But we have a promise in John. That the light shines in the darkness and the darkness can’t overcome it. That light is Jesus! No matter what sort of darkness comes our way, trying to steal our joy, we can look to Jesus and His light shines! He will guide us home. He will provide comfort. He will provide strength.

I know this and still my heart feels like it might be breaking. God please let this little light keep shining!!

And I sing to the one lost:
            “Loving Shepherd of Thy sheep,
            all Thy lambs in safety keep;
            nothing can Thy power withstand,
            none can pluck them from Thy hand.

            Where Thou leadest may they go,
            walking in Thy steps below;
            then, before Thy Father’s throne,
            Saviour, claim them for Thine own.” (from Hymn 56 – Book of Praise)


Light, hope, peace
shines bright
laughter, joy
opposes darkness

Darkness, fear, confusion
black, dull,
tears, despair
can’t overcome


Five Minute Friday


  1. An excellent post! In reading it the song so often sung by children, This Little Light Of Mine, ran through my mind. (Rebecca starts singing) This little light of mine...I'm gonna light it shine...This little light of mine...I'm gonna let it shine...This little light of mine...I'm gonna let it shine...Let it shine...Let it shine...Let it shine! Keep letting that light shine, Jennifer! The smallest light dispels the greatest darkness. God bless you! And have a wonderful weekend! ~Rebecca

    1. Thank-you! And thanks for stopping by!