Friday, 18 April 2014

Five-Minute Friday: Glue

Another week gone, another day to write for 5 minutes - no editing - with fellow bloggers over at Lisa-Jo Baker's place. This week our word is "glue". This one I wrote in my notebook in our church.

Sitting in church, waiting for the Good Friday service to start this morning, I think about what holds us (this congregation) together. What is our "glue"? On the surface it could be a number of things.

Culture - most of us are Dutch or of Dutch descent. This is a glue but not a very strong glue - more of a mode lodge type - strong but it won't be strong enough to hold us together forever.

Family - many of us have young children and common goals for them. Also glue but pretty weak - this is more a craft/school glue that really could come apart at any time.

Then there's faith in Christ. This glue is super glue. If this is the "glue" we cling to, this one will never fail. If this is the on commonality we all share, it will keep us strong and really make us grow. We remember today that Christ died to save us from our sins. We must remember this. We must hold strong to this. Then nothing can tear us apart. This can be the only glue that holds us together.


Thought I'd include a beautiful song about Christ's saving work for us. :)

  Five Minute Friday


  1. This is beautiful, Jennifer. It reminds me of Luke 14:26, where Jesus tells his disciples that they must give up their families to follow him. He is asking them to choose a stronger glue – faith.

    1. Thanks! He certainly is! And this has been on my mind a lot lately. I think sometimes we get so comfortable in where we are that we forget what really joins us together (and keeps us together). We forget that it's all and only about Christ. :)