Thursday, 17 April 2014

DIY Maxi Skirts for the Whole Family!

So, I've been wanting to make maxi skirts for myself and my girls but needed to stick with a budget. And let me tell you, fabric is expensive! Jersey knit is a preferred fabric for maxi skirts. Well, there's this lovely thing for bedrooms called sheets ... made from jersey knit fabric! That's right! I bought a set of jersey knit sheets from Target in a pattern I liked and got to work! I used the pillow cases to make skirts for the girls and the flat sheet to make my own! :) Well, actually, at the time of writing this, I still have to make one for Emilie. But it will be made from the other pillow case. :) For a good tutorial go here. You will have to adapt it for the kids sizes (and I adapted a little for mine as well) but it is easy to follow and easy to adapt. So here's the photos (some progress photos but mostly not because I keep forgetting to take those :)).

A pillow case, not yet straightened out ... because this is the one that I hadn't cut up yet and I thought I should take a quick photo of how the skirt started out. lol

This is the waist band of the skirt.

The body of the skirt. :)

Annalise modelling the skirt as Emilie was napping. This was supposed to be Emilie's skirt but it fits Annalise better. She's not actually scared here - just acting silly. :)

A closer-up of the skirt.

Finally a picture of her just looking happy and like herself. :)

Emilie modelled it as well. :) The nice thing about this skit is it makes it very difficult for Emilie to climb the coffee table ... this is a good thing. :)

And I finished mine today! (Annalise's was completed yesterday.) So here we are in our matching skirts! :)

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