Friday, 14 March 2014

December Crafts

Very delayed post here but c'est la vie! :) (FYI, the spelling autocorrect on this computer wants me to write "chest" instead of "c'est" ... rather funny.) :)

So, last year (2013) I decided to do a Creative Pay It Forward with no strings attached. Most of those Creative Pay It Forward things that go around Facebook have strings attached, meaning "I'll make something for you but then you have to go ahead and make something for other people." I chose not to do that, following the example of a friend, and just make something creative for the sake of blessing someone with something creative. So, the point was that the first 5 (or 6) people who commented on my Facebook post about Creative Pay It Forward would get something hand-made by me before the end of the year. I did one pretty early in the year (and just realized I haven't blogged about it so will put it here) and then did the last ones in December because I procrastinated way too long! :) So I will post photos of what I did and try to describe them. :)

First "Creative Pay It Forward" item - Japanese Cherry Blossom painting on pseudo-rice paper. I really liked this and it was both a little sad and very wonderful to give it away. :)

Close-up. :) Doesn't is just breath hope?

Pop/Beer Cap coasters. Because, really, what else are you going to make for a guy you worked with for one year who is now married to a woman you've never met? :)

This is a quilted debit/credit card and cash/receipt holder. It was actually quite fun to make and the first quilted thing I've ever made! (I just got my sewing machine in April or May 2013.)

The above item folded closed.

OK, so then I decided to make little coasters so this is the start of them. They had a different fabric on each side and I liked how these two fabrics went together.

One side - I liked just sewing the "stripes" for the quilting. I really like this fabric! :)

The other side of the above coaster. :)

Coster in progress. :) Ha! I actually took a progress shot! :)

Four completed coasters on the one side.

Four completed coasters on the other side.

I also made something for myself - a fat quarter scarf! :) I'm pretty proud of this one! :) Here's where I got the tutorial for that:

Another view of my scarf.

And one more view of my scarf. :)
Hmm, I also did a little pot holder but I can't seem to find the photo of that.

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