Saturday, 28 September 2013

September Challenge Part 2 - Paper :)

Yup, I've done another part of this creative September Challenge from Somewhat Simple. This week (which was really last week) was paper crafts. I wasn't online towards the end of last week and all of this week hence I'm behind on these blog posts. :) So, I was needing to find or make a card for friends who recently had a new baby. Better to make one and make it part of a challenge, eh? :)  I was feeling a creative block and couldn't come up with my own design so I followed this tutorial from Echoes of Laughter. I really love the end product. I couldn't find my buttons so I used a cutsie little sticker instead. It all worked out nicely and I think I will be making more cards like this for various occasions.

I used just one patterned paper for the underneath part and offset my pinwheel slightly. 
Now, I had intended to make more than just one card BUT my 3 year old Annalise decided she'd like to do some paper crafts as well. So I was left setting out craft supplies for her and trying (unsuccessfully) to keep her from using the purple glue stick as make-up. The following picture shows her paper art. Actually, it kills two birds with one stone - it's paper and it's a pumpkin (for week 3 of the challenge). I know you can't see the pumpkin very much but it is there underneath all the tissue paper and arms. yes, those long white papers are arms. She insisted her pumpkin needed arms. Although she did put a jack-o-lantern face on the pumpkin so I guess it makes sense that something with a face also needs arms. :)

Annalise's tissue paper covered, armed pumpkin! :)

Somewhat Simple

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