Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Ribbon Head Band Holder

So, my lovely 3 year old has been somehow becoming the owner of increasingly more head bands. Stuffing them in her sock and underwear drawer is just not working for us. :) So I decided it was time to make a head band holder. I've made a ribbon hair clip holder in the past and quite liked it (though now I have ideas for how to improve on that one to make it better). I believe I've blogged about it as well. I wanted to do something similar for the headband holder but decided it just wouldn't work to have the nice wood shapes at the top and bottom of the holder. Instead I followed some advice from the lovely author of this blog. I couldn't really make sense of how she made the ribbon loops (I was tired and having severe Mommy brain) so I experimented with a couple of different ways of doing it and found one I liked. It was more time consuming but I find they sit nicer than the alternative method. :) Without further ado, here are the photos:

The whole thing ... should have turned the flash off.

The top - close up of the loops

Side view of the loops. 

And here it is hanging on the wall with most of the headbands hanging in it. :)

So, I had a 30 inch piece of the blue (wide ribbon), a 15 and a 22 inch piece of the plain pink (narrow ribbon), and 11 separate 5 inch pieces of the in-between width of ribbon (pink with white polkadots) as well as a 1.5 - 2 inch piece of this pink with white polkadot ribbon. The 15 inch piece of the narrow pink ribbon gets wrapped tightly around the ring. The 22 inch piece is looped (about and inch) around the ring and glued to itself. The entire ribbon is then glued dow the centre of the wide blue ribbon. Then you start making loops with the 5 inch pieces. Make a loop by folding it together end to end. Hot-glue the ends together. Hot-glue that edge to the top edge of the blue ribbon so the loop part hangs down. Continue this process down the blue ribbon - gluing the loops just slightly under the loop above. Glue the bottom of the loop above to the top edge of the next loop and so on down the ribbon. You can add embellishments to the bottom if you desire or just leave it plain and simple. I know these instructions don't make a whole lot of sense without progress photos so I hope to do progress photos soon. :)

Annalise is very glad to have her headbands hanging nicely on her wall. (Only a first-born, OCDish child would like organization this much!) :)

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