Thursday, 9 August 2012

Footprint Butterflies

Our 2nd Instalment of Pinterest creativity is all about painting. I discovered that 15 minutes of painting with an almost 2 year old is about all I can take. It's exhausting! :) But we had lots of fun making butterflies with our painted footprints on Tuesday. This time, I just painted various colours on Annalise's feet and then stamped her feet on the canvas. Next time I think i will get and ice-cream pail lid or something similar, squirt paints in there, let her step in the paints and then step on the canvas (although, due to the potential mess that could create, I might wait with that method until next year)! Hey, if we do this every year, it could be quite the interesting development - seeing how her feet grow every year. :)  So, here are pictures of her feet and mine (yes, I made a footprint butterfly too as Annalise insisted that Mommy do it too). :)

It was lots of fun and I think Annalise really liked the ticklish feeling of having her feet painted. :)

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