Sunday, 17 February 2013

Potty Party Chart

Potty training is happening in full force in our house. Some days Annalise can make it all day without an accident; some days there are just way too many accidents. Because of this, we are still using a potty chart to reinforce good potty skills. There's something about the potty charts to print off online that I just don't like. They're too limited sometimes and not specific enough other times. The ones that had specific categories mostly had categories we were beyond teaching our girl so they were still useless. I decided I had to make my own and there was one I saw on Pinterest that I really liked and Annalise likes it too (which is, of course, a bonus). :)  Credit where credit is due (of course) so this is the link where I got the idea and the creator of this lovely chart wonderfully created pdfs to print so people could make their own similar charts. :) So, here is my version of the chart. I can't show you all the steps because I didn't take photos of all the steps (Mommy brain at fault). I used materials I had on hand. There was a piece of wood in our basement which seemed like it would be a good size so I grabbed that, found a roll of wrapping paper that didn't look too Christmasy (we only have Christmas wrap for some reason) and ribbons to match. Glue, tape and scissors were also necessary and, of course, the print-outs of the images to attach to the chart :)

This is the complete chart (and you can see there are already "stickers" attached - so proud of my little girl! :)

This is detail of the top. As you can see, my board could have been wider so that I could have fit the title on better but this still works. :)

And here's detail of the bottom. :) Annalise is proud of all the panty "stickers" on her chart! :)

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