Friday, 15 July 2011

What a thing to forget!!!

In all the stress and busyness of holidays and Annalise being sick, I completely forgot about the development of her speech! This past week she learned a couple more words and at the most endearing times! :)  On the first morning that I was at my parents with her (I was there a few days before Darran came and a few days after he left), I was feeding her breakfast. Her chair was right beside the wall that my parents have with all our wedding pictures and our wedding picture was right at eye level for Annalise in her chair. Well, there I was feeding her and she turned to look at the wall. Suddenly she stopped, her face lit up and she exclaimed, "Hi Da!" It was SO cute! And all the rest of the day, we would find her standing at the wall, staring at the picture and "talking" to her daddy. She was a bit confused that her daddy in the picture never talked back though. :) ... Then, Monday afternoon, we were dropping Darran off at the airport. We waited and watched while he went through security and she was chattering away at him rather loudly (and very cutely). Then suddenly, just before he went through (there was a bit of a line) she exclaimed. "Bye Da!" So cute ... and sad! I can imagine it would have been very hard on Darran to leave after hearing her say that! I know it would have been extremely hard for me to leave if I was in his place! :)

She has also been taking more steps on her own lately which is such a wonderful and cute thing to see. The funny thing is, she's more likely to take steps on her own (without holding on to anything) when she's sad/crying, then when she's happy. Weird and totally beyond my comprehension. :)

Have I mentioned I love being a mom and being at home with my little girl? :)

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