Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Diaper Rash

Yup, that nasty redness/bumps all over the diaper area. My little girl seems to get them more then most. Recently made a discovery as to WHY she gets these so frequently. Turns out she's allergic to hemp! And her cloth diapers use hemp inserts. Tried solving the issue by using a cotton flannel liner on top of the hemp insert but no luck, the liner bunched and any exposed skin ended up with a nasty rash. So, what's a mom to do when her little bubs has a nasty rash that just can't be healed? Well, if you're using cloth, first switch to disposable (so you don't ruin the cloth diapers) and then apply a thin layer of Calmoseptine to the affected area. Seriously, in a matter of hours to a day, the rash will be cleared. I've found the worse the rash, the longer it takes to clear it up but that is to be expected, of course. I call it my miracle cream. I LOVE the creators of this product and highly recommend it to any mom who's bubs, toddler or child may be prone to nasty rashes - and not just diaper rashes! :)

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