Friday, 22 January 2016

FMF: Be Present

Today my 5 year old joined me for Five Minute Friday (and it covered the writing time for her homeschooling so, yay, we killed two birds with one stone)! :) We each took a different definition of the word "present". I opted for the concept of being present in a child's life and Miss A opted for the present which is a gift that you open. :)  She also opted for my drawing and less writing, but it's a start! I've taken a photo of hers and added it to the end of the post.

So, five minutes from start to finish, no editing (and no overthinking ... not sure that is one of the rules but that's my rule ... bad things happen when I overthink. :) ) So, here are my and Miss A's submissions for today's Five Minute Friday.

Be Present

She looks at you forlornly
wondering what distracts you
from loving her.
Her arms reach
but you push her away –
the newsfeed captivates your interest.
She’s three.
You’re life seems more important
than her few years.

You look up one day
and now she’s 6.
You wonder how you missed that.
Her curiosity and intelligence amaze –
where did it come from?
how did it develop?
She wants to read with you
but you have no time or patience
you push her away.

Shouts ring through the house.
At 12 she rebels.
“what do you care?”
Every day is a fight.
Every day is worse.
you hurt
so you turn to where you are “accepted”
You beloved newsfeed.

You’re lonely.
Where did she go?
Married, starting a family of her own
now at 24.
But struggling,
forsaking all the values you preached
(but didn’t really live …
because your newsfeed distracted you)
“Do you want to see your grandchildren?”
She wonders.
Will you be present?

Or will you loose it all?


  1. Your poem is powerful- really highlights the importance of being present. I love that you got your daughter to join in with FMF too. Glad to be your neighbour today!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! And thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love this and I absolutely love your daughter's drawing. Blessings to you, Friday friend!

    1. Thank-you! Thanks for visiting and my daughter is thrilled that people like her work! :)

  3. Time with our littles passes by so very quickly. We must always consider them 'presents' and be 'present' in their young lives. God bless you.

    ~#9 at FMF

    1. It sure does! Already my oldest will be turning 6 this summer and then my middle will be 4 in the fall. And somehow my youngest is already only a month away from being 1!! How on earth did that happen?! It just motivates me more to be present in their lives. A challenge for sure in the society we live in but something I fight for! Thanks for visiting!