Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Love is ... (Write 31 Days - Day 7)

Love is hugs and kisses.
Love is wiping noses and cleaning up vomit – and remembering the sick girl cuddles.
Love is cleaning bums and clothes – and praying over the girls that own them.
Love is cooking dinner – and praying blessings over your family.
Love is cleaning up … again – and listening to the echoes of laughter, and sometimes, shouts and tears, that fill the walls of this house.
Love is folding laundry – and remembering the reasons they got dirty, the active imaginations of girls growing.
Love is wiping down the bathroom – and remembering the long journeys of potting training (and dreading the future potty training for the one still in diapers).

Love is hugs and kisses – for sweet girls that grow too fast, just wanting to hold them young a second longer.

And older photo (last Christmas) but a perfect picture of love. :)


  1. Mothers love in infinite ways. Are those your babies? If so, adorable! Visiting from 31 Days... I love free writing. I don't do enough of it. :o)

    1. Thanks! Yes, they are my 2 oldest last Christmas - the oldest is now 5 and the younger one in this picture will be 3 in 2.5 weeks. We also have a 7 month old baby now too! :) I love them all to pieces! :) Free writing is a good practice (even though it's sometimes hard with the words we are given). :)