Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Storm (Write 31 Days - Day 12)

How's this for irony? Day 11's word was "rest" on the day of rest (Sunday), Day 12's day is "storm" on a day when we wake up to a storm pounding at our house! :)  A day behind again but it's here - day 12!


Swirls and whirls of fallen leaves,
wind roaring ‘round the house.
Rain drops pound the walls,
            knocking on window panes
The storm rages outside.

Heart pounding in apprehension
anxiety grasping for a hold.
Tears threaten to break through
            knocking at the windows to my soul.
The storm rages inside.

But there’s a calm, a centre
            peaceful, reassuring
Strength fills, calms storms.
The storm quiets.

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