Friday, 30 October 2015

My Prairie (Write 31 Days, Day 29)

Today's word is "sea". Most would probably think of the ocean when they see this word. Me? I think of my prairie. :) Specifically the chinook filled, Southern Alberta prairie. :)

Seas of gold unbroken
but for an occasional tree,
haven for the creatures 
of the heavens and the earth.

Wind, child of the skies,
laughing, singing, crying,
a constant game
of hide-and-seek.

Snow, cold, bold, bright,
hard and angry
a sheep in wolf's clothing
a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Wind frightens snow away
but not for long
it never learns,
keeps coming back.

Sun, warming, caressing,
like a mother to the skies and land
limits conflict, 
brings new life;

Sun, searching, eager
dries the land
burns it's creatures;
sorrowful, hides.

Comes Rain, cool, refreshing,
like a father to the land and skies,
provider, supporter,
helps new life grow.

Seas of gold unbroken
but for an occasional tree.

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