Friday, 14 March 2014

Emilie's First Time Painting

So, one day this winter, Annalise went outside with Darran so I decided to pull out the toddler paints with Emilie and let her have at it. This was her first time painting and I think she rather enjoyed herself! :)
She got these paints and paint shirt for Christmas and this was the first time I pulled them out (early March I believe)! She figured them out pretty quickly and had a blast! :)

She also tried to eat them. Thank goodness Crayola is non-toxic! :)

Emilie's first piece of art at almost 1.5 years old!

And her second piece of art. She had decided the first paper was colourful enough and just helped herself to another paper. :) At least she realizes there should be limits to how much you put on one paper! :) Both paintings have been proudly placed by Mommy on our fridge! :)

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