Thursday, 24 March 2011

My Prairie

So, the other day I was looking through some of my old things, deciding what to toss and what I really wanted to keep, and I found this poem that I wrote. I think it was in high school that I wrote this - maybe 13 or 14 years ago. (Was it really that long ago that I was in high school?!?!) Well, I love my prairie so I thought I'd share this poem of mine.

Seas of gold unbroken
but for an occasional tree,
haven for the creatures of
the heavens and the deep.
Wind, child of the skies,
laughing, singing, crying,
a constant game of hide and seek.
Snow, cold but bright,
hard and angry
a sheep in wolves clothing
and a wolf in sheep clothing.
Wind frightens Snow away
but he never learns;
keeps coming back
Sun, warm, caressing,
mother of the skies and land
ends conflict, brings new life;
scorching, eager,
dries the land, burns its creatures;
sad, hiding, sends
Rain, father of the land and skies,
cool, refreshing,
gives support, aids growth.
Seas of gold unbroken
but for an occasional tree.

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